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County 4WD Pickup Rules (2013)
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Proceeds from this event are for the benefit of the Corn Belt Shrine Club.

Payments are not deductible as charitable contributions.

1. Trucks must be Coles County owned and Drivers must live in Coles County.
2. Must be driven in Street Legal.
3. This will be a gas and diesel class.
4. Seat belts must be worn.
5. No weights allowed.
6. No fuel in transport tanks -- must be fastened down.
7. Toolboxes must be emptied and fastened down.
8. Truck beds must be emptied of loose items.
9. No open headers on exhaust.
10. Drive line support chains must be bolted to frame.
11. Draw bar hitch opening of at least 4 inches.
12. Maximum tire size: 1200-16, no duals.
13. Trucks will be inspected at 5 pm. If not inspected, the truck may not pull. Arrive early.
14. Driver will have two chances to make it past 100-foot marker.
15. NO ALCOHOL consumption by drivers. If found guilty, you will be disqualified and entry fee forfeited.
16. If found disobeying any track official you will be disqualified and entry fee forfeited.
17. Judges and Pull Committee's decision is final .
18. The Corn Belt Shrine Club reserves the final and absolute right to accept or reject any or all entries.